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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Happy Birthday Kiran !

22 years ago, a cute little baby boy was born in my family.

He had such a great smile and we were all curious to see the lil' one.

I rushed to greet him with lots of gifts and still after 20 years I want to give him the same gifts

A Bunch of Balloons

A Yummy Cake

A box full of sweets

A handful of chocolates

A pretty flower boquet

A girl teddy to play with

And finally ......

A big 'elephant hug' from me

Many more happy returns of the Day , My dear Nephew Kirni

Happy Birthday from all members and visitors of Yazh Inidhu !!


  1. i was quite moved by this mosi ........ i havent got a beautiful gift in my life time like dis!!!!!! i cant say thanks in words!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. கிரண் என்றால், ஒளி என்று அர்த்தம். உன் பெயரை போலவே வாழ்விலும் ஒளிவீச வேண்டும் என மனமார வாழ்த்தும் ஓர் அன்பு உள்ளம்.
    இன்று போல் என்றும் வாழ்க !




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